Fall Tree Care Tips In New Jersey

New jersey fall tree service tips

Mulch away! Place mulch (composted organic is best in New Jersey) under your tree in the fall or early winter. The mulch will help retain water and reduce temperature extremes in the soil. A thin layer of mulch will act like a blanket and give the tree’s roots a little extra protection from the freeze that is coming this winter in the New Jersey and New York area.

Fall and early winter can be a dry time so please give your trees a drink. Fall and Winter droughts require watering as much as summer droughts. If temperatures permit, an occasional watering during the winter on young trees can be a lifesaver. But be sure to water when soil and trees are cool and there isn't an expected freeze.

Trim your trees back in the Fall. Branch breakage or splitting can be caused by ice and snow accumulation or chewing and rubbing by animals. We all know in the New Jersey area that snow is on its way. You may prevent problems with young trees by wrapping their base in a hard, plastic guard. Wrapping trees with burlap or plastic cloth along with a good mulching can prevent temperature damage as well. Fall is the perfect time to prune your trees in New Jersey and New York. Not only are trees dormant in the colder months, but it is also easier to see a tree’s structure when there are no leaves on the branches. Proper pruning is vital to the health of trees and plants, in part because it helps relieve stress on trees and keeps them growing. Just be aware that each tree is different, and pruning at the wrong time or the wrong way can injure a tree making it more susceptible to damage and sickness.

Get rid of stumps. Fall seems to show off those ugly stumps more due to the lack of growth around them. We get the majority of stump grinding calls this time of year.


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