Tree Service Tips

New Jersey fall tree service tips

Fall Tree Care Tips In New Jersey

Mulch away! Place mulch (composted organic is best in New Jersey) under your tree in the fall or early winter. The mulch will help retain water and reduce temperature extremes in the soil. A thin layer of mulch will act like a blanket and give the tree’s roots a little extra protection from the freeze that is coming this winter in the New Jersey and New York area. Fall and early winter can be a dry time so please give […]

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sick oak tree in New Jersey

Tips For Identifying Problems With Trees In New Jersey

First do a safety check of the tree. This means you need to first do a target check on your trees near property. In New Jersey there are old home which means there are old trees that can be a serious threat to property. Sometimes homeowners become attached to sentimental trees an overlook the fact that they cause damage to nearby property. We have many people call us to determine the risk to property in NJ and it really helps […]

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